• Samuel Dewitt Beals

    Beals School is named in honor of Samuel Dewitt Beals, who was Superintendent of schools from 1874 to 1880. 
    Beals has a long and colorful history in the Omaha community and within the Omaha Public School network. The facility has been a public school for over 100 years.


    Beals School was constructed in a field near the Morton farm. Located atop a hill, prominently situated along Center Street, it housed kindergarten through eighth grade and met the educational needs of generations of Omahans.




    School Renovation

    Omaha Public School District started a massive renovation project in 2001 enabling this historic site to continue as a functioning school building well into the 21st century. In general the project provided a focal main entrance uniting the two structures, an expanded administration space, an expanded media center, an expansion of space to include classrooms previously housed in two portable buildings, upgrading the facility to current ADA standards, installing Internet and computer links in all areas, installing telephones and an up to date communication system throughout the facility, and installing air conditioning throughout the facility. With these improvements Beals Elementary continues to maintain its excellent standing within the community and serve as an vital learning environment within the Omaha Public School District.