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Omaha Public Schools Hosts Open Houses for Families

Freshman and student ambassador Jocelyn Lorenzo-Ventura led families through the halls of Buena Vista High this month. She was determined to show them all the wonderful things her school offers, including her favorite spot—the library.
“I really like the way the library is set up with all the cool collaboration rooms,” said Lorenzo-Ventura. “The library is my safe space. I love it there and am excited to show new students.”

Buena Vista High kicked off the first of many open house events scheduled at all Omaha Public Schools middle and high schools in January. Open houses allow families considering the school to meet teachers and principals and ask questions. Families explore the school, see the classrooms and learn about each school's programming and extracurricular activities. As Nebraska’s largest school district, students benefit from many ways to customize their learning experience.

Buena Vista High’s event featured athletics, activities and school partnerships like the YMCA and OneWorld. Teachers throughout the school spoke with families about the different College & Career Academies and Pathways offered.

“Students have so many great choices in Omaha Public Schools,” said Carrie Carr, Ed.D., Buena Vista High principal. “The best way to know if something is a fit is to go on-site and meet the people and see the spaces.”

The Bison Buddies, also known as student ambassadors, offered guided tours while sharing their experiences at Buena Vista High. Students conducted tours in both English and Spanish.

“I think open houses are important because they show the new students what the high school environment is like,” said Lorenzo-Ventura. “We have a lot of opportunities here, and I’m glad I was given the chance to share.”

Andrea Vazquez, whose daughter hopes to attend Buena Vista High next year, says she loves that our district hosts open houses and wishes she had opportunities like this in high school.

“Coming to this event will help my daughter become familiar with the school,” said Vazquez. “It helps get her more interested in what this school has to offer.”
Omaha Public Schools encourages students and families to attend the open house for their neighborhood school and any other schools they are interested in attending before making 2024-25 school selection preferences. To see a complete list of open houses, visit our website.


January 2024

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