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    Dundee was established at 4910 California prior to 1894. It began as a one-room school with just one teacher. An additional room was added in 1895.

    In 1904 the school was moved to 5110 Davenport Street which is its present location. (Eventually, this address changed to the current one of 310 No. 51st St.) The school was expanded to include six rooms and had an enrollment of 150 students. At this time the school was required to administer eight grade county tests for graduation. A large school bell was rung each morning to alert students it was time to leave home for school.

    By 1915 DundeeSchool consisted of 18 classrooms, an auditorium, gymnasium, manual training room, and a domestic science room. The enrollment was about 1000 students. There was a four-room apartment within the building which was used by the custodian and his wife. The students and staff were very involved in helping with the war effort. Many activities were planned to help with Red Cross work or to boost war funds. The students enjoyed these activities so much that a rule had to be established so that students would not come to school before 8:00 a.m. and would leave by 4:30 p.m.

    In 1941 the school family was again involved in the war effort. Paper drives were conducted by the students with the winning team receiving an extra half hour of recess. Enrollment was high during this period and so four basement rooms and one sub-basement room were used for classrooms. The large DundeeSchool bell was silenced in 1946 by the Board of Education. There was concern that it might fall through the roof. In the 1947-48 school year, a school paper was established. It was called "Dundee Doings, Our School and Homes", and was published monthly until 1953.

    In the 50's the coal furnace was converted to oil and gas. The last group of eighth graders graduated from Dundee in 1960. Then in 1962 the school received a complete face lift. The latest renovation was completed in 1994. It was not only a remodeling of the existing facility, but also an addition of a gym, lunchroom, information center, and computer lab.