About Western Hills Elementary


    Western Hills' motto is, "Opportunities + Partnerships = Success"

    Welcome to Western Hills University Partnership Magnet Center magnet web page! We are a K-6 Magnet and partner with the University of Nebraska at Omaha to provide unique learning opportunities for all our students and staff. 

    Our partnership with the university provides our students with extra value opportunities such as Band Buddies, and Service Learning Projects, Student Teachers and many more!  Our students benefit greatly from this program by receiving cutting edge techniques, small group instruction, and individual help from the UNO faculty, UNO students, and our experienced teachers. 

    In addition to aligning with district and state content standards, the use of interdisciplinary and thematic instruction helps teachers focus on "extra value" standards to increase student success.  Our instruction includes multidisciplinary and multidimensional strategies that provide students with varied avenues to achieve academic and social goals. 

    Our extra value standards are:  Expeditions, Electives and Enrichment or, as we like to say, "THE THREE E's." 

    The staff at Western Hills is committed to academic success and provides a safe and secure environment where all students can reach their highest potential and become lifelong learners.

     If you have any questions or you would like to schedule a tour, please call 531-299-2240. 

    Benefits of Attending a Magnet School

    1. Students are comfortable working with diverse groups.

    2. Increases student perspectives in classrooms.

    3. Improved problem solving and critical thinking skills.

    4. Develops tolerance.

    5. Better prepare students for the global work force.

    Academic Enrichment

    Academic enrichment provides students with the opportunity to use their critical thinking skills and creative talents, while receiving a solid foundation in reading, mathematics and language arts skills.  

    Opportunities for academic enrichment include: AVID,  Student Leadership (Ambassador, Student Council, Principal's Advisory), Student Jobs, Yearbook, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, Family Night activities and much more.

    Academic Enrichment is offered before, during and after school! 


    Just like our university partner, students at Western Hills are offered elective courses.  Core subject electives provide students with abudnant opportunities to enhance and expand their basic reading, writing, science and math skills in a fun, dynamic learning environment.  Students may also select personal interest electives that aim to help students develop a creative imagination, become physically fit, improve technology, leadership and communication skills, and spark an interest in a possible future career or course of study.

    Staff, UNO professors and community partners have written over 150 electives that all meet content standards. Some include:

    Core Subject: "Dollars & Sense," "Faith Ringgold," "Using Multicultural Literature to Write," "So You Want To Be a Scientist?"

    Technology/Media: Garage Band, Clayanimation, iMovies, Power Point, Photography, Creating Comics

    Personal Interest: Gardening, Spanish, Yoga, Bird Watching, Knitting, Pottery & Ceramics

    Community Partnership:

    UNO- Environmental Studies, Healthy Eating, Walk of Art

    YMCA - Hip Hop Dance, Water Safety & Swimming

    Activate Omaha- Bike Safety

    Benson High Magnet- Cooking


    Each year, Western Hills' students participate in expeditionary learning experiences that help them make connections between classroom learning and the greater world.  Students work with teachers and field specialists to apply new knowledge in community settings. 

    Students visit Camp Brewster, Neale Woods, Fontenelle Forest and Wetlands Learning Center five times a year: twice in the fall, once in the winter and twice in the spring.