About Rose Hill Elementary

  • Rose Hill Elementary School is located at 5605 Corby Street. Located in the historic Benson area, Rose Hill Elementary is bound to the south by the old Country Club area of Omaha. Rose Hill serves a diverse community boasting a wide range of socio-economic levels. The newly renovated building opened to students in March 2002. Currently, Rose Hill serves approximately 270 students in grades Kindergarten through Five. The school's mission statement is "building a solid foundation for life-long learning." Rose Hill's educational program emphasizes three learning goals for students: reading, writing and mathematics. Rose Hill is proud of its active, supportive parent-teacher organization and its partnerships through the Adopt-a-School program.

    Rose Hill Elementary School will be an exemplary neighborhood school renowned throughout Omaha for its positive and supportive learning environment, collaboration and teamwork among staff and community, and a standard of high expectations for all resulting in ever-increasing student achievement.

    Families throughout the Omaha Public School district will be increasingly drawn to be part of the Rose Hill community and mission.