• Oak Valley students and staff moved into a new building in 1963, after four years of attending classes in cottages on the hill or at other schools.  The neighborhood was a new construction area, with many young families.  The enrollment of 759 students continued to grow, and five cottages were opened on Seldin Drive.

    In 1976, Oak Valley became a part of the Omaha Public School Desegregation Plan.  Third graders were transported to Conestoga Primary center, and the students in the intermediate grades from the Conestoga area attended Oak Valley School.

    By the school's 25th Anniversary, the special education program had grown to eight classrooms.

    The Desegregation Plan ended in 1999, and third graders returned to Oak Valley School.  As part of the district's new orange zone, Oak Valley Students could select other schools and magnet centers for attendance in the zone area, as well as other orange zone students selectiong Oak Valley School.

    Presently, there are around 300 students who are proud to call Oak Valley their school.  Oak Valley houses grades kindergarten through six, three Pre-K classrooms, and two Alternate Curriculum rooms.  Students, staff, and parents recognize that Oak Valley is "A Great Place to Learn."