• Old School

    Mount View Elementary School became a part of the Omaha Public School System on July 1, 1960.  Although the school has been in existence for over a century, no formal records have been collected about its history.

    The first building erected at 5322 North 52nd Street was described as a one room frame structure. No one could provide records or relate for sure when the first school building was erected.

    Early students described it as having a porch on the front and coal shed on the rear. Since plumbing was yet to be common, the necessary out buildings were at a considerable distance to the rear of the school. The first well was on the west side of the building and later a new well was drilled in front of the school. There was a shed for horses and only on rare occasions did any students ride to school.

    The interior of the school was plain. The stove was an upright coal burner placed in the corner. One former student told of days so cold that even though the stove was red hot it could not heat the room properly and the teacher would hold class around the stove for warmth. A bucket of water was set on a bench and everyone used a common dipper for drinking.

    In 1911, a room was added to the west side of the original building. The plans were drawn by L.J. Daley and the total building supplies came to $770.00. There is no record of who did the construction work.

    There were four more additions made in 1937, 1954, 1956, and 1959. The building has remained essentially the same since that time except for the addition of the cafeteria in the basement.

    A great mystery surrounds how Mount View was named. Some people said it was always called Mount View. Some said it was renamed when the new building was built in 1937.