• Minne Lusa is located in the Florence area of northeastern Douglas County. Although records are somewhat limited, the earliest accounts of Minne Lusa Elementary School begin with the relocation of Fort School to our present grounds at 2728 Ida Street between 1916 and 1919. Construction of our current building began in 1922. It opened for the 1924-25 school year with 348 K-8 students.

    Since its opening in 1924, Minne Lusa has shown growth in student enrollment and building size. In 1925, our stage and multi-purpose areas were added to the original structure. Four classrooms were added in 1950 to the south wing. In 1970, our kitchen facility was added next to the multi-purpose room. The building went under reconstruction during the 1995-97 school years in order to meet the needs of a growing student population. Students were transported to Westbrook School located in 1312 Robertson Drive during the reconstruction. Students and staff returned to Minne Lusa in January, 1997.

    Minne Lusa's student population has grown to 450 Prekindergarten to grade 6 students. Special education programs encourage learning disabled, mild mentally-handicapped, and behavior disordered students to participate in standard classroom lessons and activities.

    Minne Lusa is reflective of a very integrated neighborhood, creating maximal opportunities for integrative school experiences. Our student body consists of White American, African American, Native American, Hispanic American, and Asian students. The school's socioeconomic mixture encompasses a range of low, low-middle, and middle income families. Over half of our students are eligible for free or reduced meals.

    Our alumni are proud of their time spent at Minne Lusa. Many Minne Lusa families have attended the school for two and three generations.