Dual Language Program

  • In 2022, Liberty Elementary was recognized as an International Spanish Academy (ISA) by the Ministry of Education of Spain. This program is an educational outreach initiative of the Spanish government where schools in the United States and Canada implement a Spanish-English dual language immersion curriculum with the support, consultancy and recognition of the Ministry.

    The program design includes a content-based instructional curriculum for different subjects, in which the Spanish language, the culture and history of Spain and of other Spanish-speaking countries are present, within the K-12 framework.

    The Dual Language program at Liberty Elementary started in the fall of 2014 with two Kindergarten classes. The program expanded by one grade level per year, and now it serves students from Kindergarten to 6th grade. All grade levels have two classes of dual language, one where students are taught in Spanish and the other one where they are taught in English. 

    Our Dual Language program provides the following:

    • Students in the program are taught in two languages: English and Spanish.
    • Students will be able to speak, understand, read and write in English and Spanish. Students are in a regular integrated class.
    • Parents have the option to apply for the Dual Language program in Kindergarten. 


    Nuestro Programa de Dos Idiomas provee lo siguiente:

    • A los estudiantes en el programa se les enseña en dos idiomas; inglés y español.
    • Los estudiantes podrán hablar, entender, leer, y escribir en inglés y español.
    • Los estudiantes participan en un salón de clase regular.
    • Los padres tienen la opción de aplicar para el Programa de Dos Idiomas en Kínder.

    What are the advantages of the Dual Language Program?

    • Students would be bilingual and have a marketable skill.
    • Research shows that students that are bilingual do better in school.
    • Students would not have to wait until 7th grade to learn another language.

    ¿Cuáles son las ventajas del Programa de Dos Idiomas?

    • Los estudiantes serán bilingües y tendrán una habilidad comerciable.
    • Las investigaciones muestran que los estudiantes bilingües tienen más éxito en la escuela.
    • Los estudiantes no tendrían que esperar hasta el 7º grado para aprender otro idioma.

District Info

DL Teachers

  • Kindergarten:
    Luisa Palomo - English
    Belen López - Spanish

    1st Grade:
    Amy Fielder - English
    Rocio Silva - Spanish

    2nd Grade:
    Jessalyn Chromy - English
    Mirta Bustos-Rodriguez Spanish

    3rd Grade:
    Soledad Wright - English
    Hannah Eller - Spanish

    4th Grade:
    Jackelyn Flores - English
    Paloma Martínez Álvarez - Spanish

    5th Grade:
    Nick Angelos - English
    Karen Álvarez- Spanish

    6th Grade:
    Sandra Vega- Bilingual