About Joslyn Elementary

  • Sarah H. Joslyn Elementary School is located at 11220 Blondo Street. Joslyn Elementary School opened on January 26, 1976.   A library media center is located near the center of building. The student body consists of children in pre-kindergarten through the fifth grade. Current enrollment is over 320 students. Along with the regular instructional curriculum, additional supports for our students include resource, speech, English Language Learners and Early Childhood Special Education.  The school vision is "Every Student, Every Day, Prepared for Success."  The school mission is to challenge each student to reach his or her full potential to reach success every day in a safe, productive, learning environment, while respecting others, doing their best, and helping others. Open communication between the home and school plays a strong role in accomplishing this mission. Joslyn school also boasts an active and supportive PTO and family network that provides additional financial and volunteer supports for the Joslyn students.