• Welcome to Gateway Elementary School, located at 5610 S. 42nd Street (42nd and V Streets). It is home to pre-kindergarten through sixth grade elementary students in South Omaha. Our mascot is the Eagles, and our colors are blue and gold.

    The site is located in southeast Omaha spanning a five-block area along 42nd Street between "T" Street, along the north boundary, and "Y" Street on the south boundary. The east boundary of the site is 42nd Street, and the west boundary is defined by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad right-of-way. 

    The site is 32.7 acres, with the elementary school located on approximately 10.8 acres at the north end. The south section of the site, approximately 21.9 acres, has been identified as a potential middle school site. The building has 38 classrooms, a library, planning areas, counselor offices, a stage, gymnasium, computer lab, and a community room.

    The Naming of Gateway Elementary:

    The Naming Committee for the 42nd and V Street Elementary School met on September 30th and October 14th at Ashland Park-Robbins Elementary.  The committee membership consisted of parents and teachers from Highland, Pawnee, and Ashland Park Robbins schools, and Omaha Public Schools administrators.  

    Many suggestions were discussed and narrowed down to three choices:

    Paxton Elementary:  Named after William Paxton who has been called the “founder of South Omaha and was a leader in the development of the stockyards and the meatpacking industry in South Omaha.

    Gateway Elementary:  Historically Omaha was considered the “Gateway to the West”.  An elementary school is the “gateway” to a child’s education.  Education is the “gateway” to a person’s future and success.  The school is also a “gateway” to understanding of the diversity and cultures in Omaha today.

    Union Elementary:  This school will be a “union” of three schools to form one.  It is also a union of neighborhoods and cultures.

    At the October 14th meeting the committee voted and selected a name from the three choices.  The name of Gateway Elementary was the choice of the committee.  

    The Board of Education for the Omaha Public Schools officially approved the name Gateway Elementary School on Monday, October 18, 2010.