South High School History

  • Omaha South High School, established in 1898, is a pathway school serving grades 9-12. Omaha South High School is a cornerstone in the South Omaha Community, serving a diverse and dynamic student population. South is located at 4519 S 24th Street. Our mascot, the “Packer Bull,” honors the rich history of the waves of immigrants that built South Omaha and worked in the historic Omaha Stockyards and meat packing plants.

    Students at Omaha South High School may choose from the following pathways: an award-winning Performing and Fine Arts Pathway, a Technology and Data Pathway, or a Media Arts Pathway. Each pathway allows students to explore their area of interest, connect with local organizations and businesses, and acquire the necessary skills to be successful in post-secondary education or in their chosen careers.

    In addition, one of the many strengths at Omaha South High School is the Dual Language program, which is integrated into all pathways. Omaha South High School has the only high school Dual Language program in the metropolitan area.

    Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, Omaha South High School has Freshman Academies that are designed to welcome freshmen to the high school experience and prepare them for their high school careers. In addition to studying the core curriculum, freshmen are placed in small learning groups that build vital skills necessary for high school and post-secondary opportunities.

    We are honored to serve the South Omaha Community and proud of the myriad accomplishments of our students. GO PACK!

    South's School Song

    South’s Fight Song “Hail to the Varsity”

    “South High Packers, South High Packers

    Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight

    Take the ball right down the field/court,

    And fight with all your might


    Go you Packers,

    Fight you Packers,

    Really raise that score

    ‘Cause we’ll beat them

    We’ll defeat them

    Go South go”