Home of the Timberwolves
  • On May 16, 1994, two neighborhood schools, Ashland Park Elementary and Robbins Elementary, combined attendance areas to form a new elementary school, Ashland Park-Robbins. The new school continues to keep the two names of the original schools as a reminder of the great traditions of their pasts.

    Ashland Park Elementary was located on the corner of 48th and Q Streets. The name was inspired by early settlers who planted ash trees in the area. The original school was first constructed in 1868. The building was moved in 1875. A brick structure was constructed in 1890 and caught fire in 1909. Another building was erected, which had many additions and improvements throughout the years. After the students left the building, the school district continued to use it for storage until is was torn down in the fall of 2002.

    Robbins Elementary was located on 39th Street and Hillsdale Avenue. It opened in 1910, serving students kindergarten to grade four. The school was originally known as Franklin School. When South Omaha was annexed in 1915, the school name was changed to South Franklin. In 1928, the school adopted the name of "Robbins" after two children, Melvin and Charles Robbins. The two boys had tried to save their mother from their burning home. Melvin died in the fire, Charles was seriously injured. The school had many renovations, the final in 1966. The building was converted into apartments after the school left.

    Groundbreaking activities took place on May 6, 1991. In November 1991, construction started on Ashland Park-Robbins Elementary in the area of 51st and O streets. Students began using the new building on May 16, 1994.