About Pine Elementary

  • Welcome to Pine Elementary, home of the Porcupines!   Pine Elementary is built in the heart of Omaha’s ‘Little Italy’ and home of Grace University for more than 70 years. The design team worked with the neighborhood association to ensure the new building would match the aesthetic of the historic area.  The gymnasium and evergreen trees were preserved as a reminder and tribute to this wonderful historical campus. 

    A collaborative effort was made to decide on the school name, colors and mascot.  Two students and their parents from Bancroft and Castelar Elementary were selected to be a part of the naming committee for the new school.   The committee also included district representation along with school leadership.  The committee worked for several weeks to brainstorm, research and discuss the school name, mascot and rationale behind it.  Pine Elementary was selected for several reasons.  First of all, Pine Elementary is located on 10th and Pine which is the main reason for the name.  The school colors also have a rich purpose behind the name.  Green was selected as one of the three school colors, to represent nature and the beautiful evergreen trees in the area.  White represents a fresh and new school and gray is for balance.  The committee also chose the porcupine as the mascot. Although the porcupine may look fierce and intimidating, it is very curious and gentle-natured.

    Pine Elementary will open its doors to Prek - 5th grade students starting in August of 2022.  Pine Elementary is part of the 2018 Phase 2 bond projects.   A huge thank you to our community for making this happen!  Although Pine Elementary is built for 600 students, it will open its doors to about half the students.