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Saddlebrook Elementary Librarian Shares Love of Books with Students

Pam Davis works with a student on homeworkThe whispers of little voices emerge between the library bookcases at Saddlebrook Elementary. Pam Davis weaves around the students to ensure they are picking out the perfect book.  

“My favorite part of the library is looking through all the books,” said Avery McVea, Saddlebrook Elementary second grader. “Mrs. Davis always helps me pick the best ones.” 

Davis, the school’s library media specialist, recalls always knowing she wanted to be a teacher or librarian.  

“My mom was a teacher, and she took us to the public library frequently,” said Davis. “I have always been a bookworm. As a kid, I remember thinking the library was the coolest place, wishing I could live there forever with all the books.” 

Davis is new as a librarian this year, but she's not new to teaching. She taught high school English in another district for more than 30 years before retiring. However, she had no intention of leaving education.  

“I’ve been going to school every year since I was five years old,” said Davis. “I can’t imagine a day spent without being at school and teaching students.”  

Her love of books comes from their ability to express different ideas and transport readers to other places. Davis enjoys reading all genres, but fiction is her favorite. 

“Fictional writing allows students to see things through someone else’s eyes,” said Davis. “It gives them empathy for others. Having good literacy skills is necessary for being a good citizen.” 

Davis prepares interactive lessons for her students and attributes their learning to having fun and asking questions. 

“I like coming to the library and picking out a new book every week,” said Edele Karmazin, Saddlebrook Elementary second grader. “When Mrs. Davis reads us a book, she acts out the characters.” 

Davis is thrilled to be in the library each day, positively impacting her students. Being surrounded by books and hearing the excitement from students when they find a new book is everything she ever imagined.