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Technology Tips for Summer Break

Summer break is quickly approaching for many Omaha Public Schools students. We know that breaks from school are often associated with increased screen time and technology use. While we all need to rest, relax and recharge during essential times like these, we also want to ensure that students participate in activities that benefit their well-being.

Tech has many incredible benefits, but we also need to maintain a healthy balance and ensure adequate sleep, time outside, physical activity and in-person social interaction.

Here are a few tips and resources to help everyone maintain healthy relationships when using technology during summer break.

Model healthy digital habits:

The tech habits (positive and negative) we see in students often stem from the behaviors adults have modeled. If we want students to exhibit good behavior with technology, families must model that for students. No texting while driving, keeping tech away from the dinner table and being present when someone is talking to you are just a few small behaviors to consider.

Co-view, co-play and co-experience technology:

Asking questions about the characters or plot in a TV show, having a child teach a family member how to play a video game or even scrolling social media together transforms the on-screen experience from potentially passive consumption to active engagement.


Families should be involved in their children's digital lives. What absorbs children's time on their cell phones, tablets or computers? Ultimate Guides help keep families up to date and answer questions about all the latest platforms and trends.

Stay connected:

Being curious and asking nonjudgmental questions will make it more likely for children to share what they're doing online and who they're talking to.


Family Tech Planners help facilitate a conversation around technology and media use expectations in the home. How much screen time is okay? What are the screen-free zones in the house? What's a commitment everyone can make to stay safe online?

Media Reviews:

Is this new movie appropriate for my child's age? How much inappropriate language, violence and sexual content is in this game? Common Sense has reviewed all the media, so families don't have to with Common Sense Media's Reviews.