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All students should enter through the front doors. Students should time their arrival so they do not arrive before 8:45 AM unless they are eating breakfast at 8:35. Breakfast will be served from 8:35-8:50. Kindergarten students (and parents) will have a special meeting location on our first day. Look for the big “KG” sign and your teachers’ smiling faces. Parents are welcome to join us as we practice our arrival procedures. And at 8:50 classroom activities will begin.

School begins at 8:50. Please be sure that your child is at school by 8:50 to avoid being counted tardy.

All students, in K-5th grade dismiss at 4:05. We want all students here until the last bell rings! We are also going to work to keep traffic moving smoothly after school. If you need to exit your vehicle, please park in the lane closest to 48th street. Please see below for a traffic map. Thank you for helping keep all students safe and traffic flowing.

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Pawnee Dismissal Traffic Plan

Pawnee Dismissal Traffic Plan

Enter the parking lot from the north side. Please note there are 3 distinct lanes:


1. All buses park on the right-hand side of the driveway, closer to the school. Please do not park in the first section at the north end of the drive after entering Pawnee, as this makes it difficult to enter safely.


2. Vehicles may park on the LEFT side of the driveway (closer to 48th Street) or in the north parking lot and leave their vehicles and use the crosswalk to walk to the building or to retrieve a student. Parents may not park in the south lot this year to help us with getting everyone out in a timely manner. Drivers who park along the RIGHT side of the driveway (closer to the school), must wait in their cars for students to come to them. Students will not be dismissed until their vehicles are pulled up and parked.


3. The crosswalk must be used at all times when crossing Pawnee’s driveway!


4. The central lane is the “move along” lane and drivers are to continue moving in this lane after they have picked up their students from the curbside of the driveway. This lane is “non-stopping” and at NO TIME will students be allowed to walk to the “move along” lane to be loaded into a car.


5. The central lane or “move along” lane is to be used cautiously. Drivers may feed carefully into the lane once they have student(s) securely placed in their vehicle. Additionally, please watch for other drivers feeding into the “move along” lane.


6. It is vital that you pull on to the school grounds to pick up a student. Do Not Stop on 48th street to have a student walk in the street from Pawnee grounds. This is extremely unsafe for students and has caused accidents when weather conditions are not ideal.


Staff members will be directing traffic. Please follow their directions promptly and politely. ​