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Snipes Move Creates Board of Education Vacancy

Ms. Kimara Snipes announced she moved out of Subdistrict 8 of the Omaha Public Schools Board of Education. Snipes is a graduate of Bryan High, a parent of an Omaha Public Schools graduate and joined the Board in January 2019.

“I absolutely loved being a school board member. It has been an honor to serve as a representative of the school district I grew up in,” Snipes said. “I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished during my time on the Board of Education. It hurts me to have to leave the Board, as I never imagined a housing issue would prevent me from being able to serve. My dedication to youth and families will not stop and I have no doubt that the board will enjoy continued successes in the future. I do plan to remain fully engaged and present.”

Board of Education President Shavonna Holman, Ed.D., praised Snipes’ service to Omaha Public Schools. “Ms. Snipes’ commitment to our Board, the South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance and other area organizations demonstrates her deep and unwavering commitment to building a strong community. We so appreciate Kimara’s expertise, passion and the many hours invested in our schools.”

Superintendent Cheryl Logan, Ed.D. added, “Ms. Snipes focus was always on our children – delivering the best for our more than 50,000 students. While we are disappointed to see her step away from the Board, we are glad to know that Ms. Snipes will remain deeply connected to our district as a community member.”

Members of the Board of Education will identify the next person to hold the Subdistrict 8 seat through an application and public interview process in December.

Review the Subdistrict 8 posting and apply.