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Senior Picture Requirements

SENIOR PICTURE REQUIREMENTS: The goal is to achieve a unifying appearance of all senior pictures in the book. Please follow these guidelines.

 • Photos must adhere to professional standards when it comes to lighting and exposure. Photos must be taken by a PROFESSIONAL photographer.

• Photos should be a waist-up pose. No full body shots. No hands near face.

• Students must be sitting or standing. No photos of the student lying on the ground.

• Clothing and jewelry must be in accordance with the school’s dress code guidelines. Refer to the student handbook for specific details. No strapless tops and no low necklines (no cleavage showing).

• No hand gestures or hand signs.

• No props (this includes animals, hats, cars, sunglasses, instruments, or other people.

• Simple backgrounds work the best.

• Backgrounds (trees, rocks, columns, etc.) should not block the view of the student.

• Background must be simple and uncluttered.

• Photos must be vertical. No horizontal photos.

• Either indoor or outdoor photos are accepted as long as they adhere to the above restrictions.

• No texture, name stamping, logo or date stamp.

• Students who do not submit a senior photo will still be included in the portraits section of the yearbook if they had their school portrait taken at orientation or back to school photo days.


• File format must be in .JPEG

• 2.25” width, 3” height

• Head should be approximately 1/3 of the photo.

• 300 dpi (resolution) quality minimum

• The file name for each student should be:

 o Last name, First name, Middle Initial (ex. Smith, John D.) 


1. USB drive: SAVE the photo to an empty USB drive.

a. Mail to:

Omaha South High School

c/o Mr. Andersen (Yearbook)

4519 S. 24th Street

Omaha, NE 68107 -or- bring to yearbook room 365.

b. If submitting a photo on USB drive, please make sure your first and last name and contact phone number are on the USB drive.

2. Email the photo to

a. Please make sure to put the student’s first and last name and senior photo in the subject line of the email. (Ex. Subject: Jane Doe Senior Photo)