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Next Level Learning Information

Welcome to Next Level Learning!  This is an opportunity to get the credits you need to be on track to graduate on time. We encourage you to utilize this summer term to engage in your learning.

The summer school dates are June 6-July 14, 2023. Summer school will be held at King Science Middle School from 7:30am-11:30am.

As important reminders-

-Next Level Learning (summer school) is in-person.

-All students will need to bring their charged iPads and chargers daily.

-Please check Infinite Campus for your schedule. Schedules should be available June 5th. Your schedule is under term T21.

-All instruction is done in-person via Edmentum.

-Attendance is important and required.

-For those of you who are NOT receiving bus transportation to King Science, there is a shuttle bus that will transport students to King Science. The shuttle bus will pick students up at North High at 7:00am.

-Breakfast starts at 7:00; classes will begin immediately at 7:30. Lunch will NOT be provided.

-Student parking is located at the back of the building (on the 22nd Street side).

-Once you are done with classes, you are expected to leave campus immediately.

-If you are a graduating senior, summer graduation will be July 14th. Details will be forthcoming.

The bell schedule is as follows-

Period 1  7:30-8:50
Period 2  8:50-10:10
Period 3  10:10-11:30

If you have questions about Next Level Learning, please reach out to Ms. LaDeidre Jackson.


P: 531-299-4016

For questions about scheduling, please reach out to Ms. LaTerra Pierce.