College & Career Ready

  • At Westview High School, our goal is to make sure that our students are ready for a variety of Post-Secondary options. This starts as soon as Freshman year. One easy way to get started developing your resume and your College & Career Readiness skills is to get involved. Being involved in extra-curricular activities, sports or clubs will help students by motivating them to perform academically, improving time-management skills and developing social skills.


    Naviance is a district-supported program that will help students identify their interests through surveys and explorations, we encourage all students to take advantage of this program especially as they prepare to select their Career Pathway! Every 11th grade student will take the ACT, preparing early can help ensure students are meeting their goal score. Go online here to look into ACT prep options. Utilize online databases to find potential scholarships like Fastweb or Education Quest

    College and Career