The Parent Portal is a useful tool for parents and guardians!


    You can:

    • Check attendance for each class and know if your student is late for classes.
    • Fill out forms for athletics, SIP, and computer agreements.
    • Most importantly, check grades and if your student has missing assignments!


    This is a great way for you to see what assignments your student has turned in and what assignments they haven't turned in yet. You will also be able to see the specific grade your student earned for the assignment once the teacher has entered the grade for it. Please click on the attachment below for directions on accessing the Parent Portal. If you need any support with this, please contact our front office staff at 531-299-2280.

    Partnering with the school and accessing the Parent Portal for your middle school student is important. Helping your student manage their time and their schoolwork is invaluable. Supporting your student with managing 9 classes, will be of great benefit as they transition to high school with excellent study habits and homework completion.

Parent Portal App and Website Instructions

Directions on how to log into parent portal