Preparing for Middle School

  • Hello Patriot Parents,

    There are several ways in which you can assist your child with transitioning to a new school in the fall.  Here are some suggestions.

    1. Have a conversation about what things concern him/her about changing schools.

    2. Reassure your student that it is normal to be feeling a little anxious about the change.

    3. Let them know that every other student is feeling very much the same way.

    4. Point out these 10 positive things about moving to middle school.

    a. Making new friends

    b. Making a fresh start

    c. Learning interesting new things

    d. Becoming more responsible

    e. Having new opportunities for after-school activities including sports and clubs

    f. Finding out their interests, skills, and career goals

    g. Meeting new teachers, counselors, and administrators

    h. Developing talents and abilities

    i. Becoming a young teen

    We look forward to meeting you and your student.