Mission & Vision

  • Mission Statement:The mission of Nathan Hale Magnet Middle School is to achieve academic growth and create a community of productive citizens that competes globally. 


    Vision Statement: Where learners today make leaders tomorrow! 



    Nathan Hale is committed to setting each student up for academic success. Our staff aims to accommodate and empower students of all types by analyzing academic data and making instructional choices that help our students grow. We believe it is the teachers' duty to hold each student to a high academic standard. We also encourage our students to try their personal best, even when classroom tasks are unfamiliar or challenging. We strive to make each student ready for high school when they leave our building in the eighth grade.


    Hale wants our students and staff to work together to create a school community of which we can be proud. We assert that every person ought to feel supported and safe while at Hale. Furthermore, we think middle school students should contribute heavily to the school community in which they learn. For this reason, we offer many unique opportunities for students to get involved in our school community, whether it be in clubs, athletics, organizations, or community service. Since our magnet focus is Leadership & Social Justice, we always urge each student to become community leaders using their own person style of leadership.


    Nathan Hale's Social Justice magnet highlights the importance of using leadership for positive societal change. In order to enact positive change, people must learn how to be productive citizens. At Hale, we believe learning to be productive citizens ought to start at an early age. Therefore, we teach our middle school students skills that make it possible for them to change the world in an innovative, distinctive way.


    We live in a global society, and Hale resolves to make students prepared to deal with global competition. Through our high standards in academics, behavior, and community involvement, we hope to make all students future forces to be reckoned with, not only here in Omaha, but in the world at large. Let's go Patriots!