• The Nebraska Department of Education Rule 3 requires schools to develop a system to identify learners with high ability. High ability learners are identified for GATE services by meeting indicators for at least 3 of four criteria: 

    COGNITIVE – Top 5% at the school or national level on an intelligence/cognitive test

    ACHIEVEMENT – Top 5% at the school or national level on a standardized grade-level achievement test

    MOTIVATION/PERFORMANCE – “A” or Advanced (ADV) in 60% or more courses on the most recent semester grade report (equivalent to a 3.5 un-weighted GPA) OR qualifying staff referral/recommendation and/or participation.

    CREATIVITY/LEADERSHIP – Qualifying staff referral/recommendation and/ or participation.

    Buffett Middle School offers many academic courses and activities to enrich the regular curriculum.  Our Gifted and Talented Program is designed for students who wish to be challenged through academic competition, honors courses, and special activities.