• Lewis and Clark Middle School is an authorized International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) School. Students participating in the Focus Program have access to all classin the MYP, as well as the extra value standards of leadership, technology, and communication. The Focus Program is available to all students in the Learning Community.

    Highlights of the Focus Program at Lewis and Clark Middle School:

    • Extended Day Program with enrichment activities from 3:05 to 4:30
    • Extended School Year with an additional three weeks in June
    • Extra Value Standards of leadership, technology, and communication
    • One to One Laptop to Student Ratio
    • Small Class Sizes with a one to twenty teach to student ratio
    • World Language (French or Spanish)
    • Design Technology
    • Performing and Visual Arts
    • Curriculum connected to our community and world as part of the MYP

Extra Value Standards

  • The Focus Program includes Extra Values Standards to move students to a deeper understanding of themselves as learners.


    Students are given leadership opportunities throughout the school year. Some examples are:

    • The Low and High Rope Course run by Camp Maha in Papillion, NE.
    • Positive relationship building skills and problem solving.
    • Service learning and awareness of community needs with The Red Cross, Trout in the Classroom.


    Our students work in a 1:1 student to laptop ratio, and all classrooms at Lewis and Clark have access to the wireless network. Other technology available to students:

    • SMART Board, LCD projectors, and document cameras (ELMOs) are in all Focus classrooms.
    • Macbook and PC laptops, giving students exposure to both platforms.
    • Use of current software in writing, publishing, presentations, and more.
    • Technology based enrichments including VEX Robotics, video editing and production, and the.News


    Our Students develop their multiple communication methods as adolescents and learn to communicate in many different ways as a strength by:

    • Use of different tools to enhance communication.
    • Use of feedback and positive interactive skills.
    • Participation in Circle of Friends, an opportunity to be a peer role model
    • Writing and delivering speeches within and outside the classroom
    • Interviewing community members about a variety of topics in true student-led Service Learning.

Extended Day and Year

  • Extended Day

    Students participating in the Focus Program have the opportunity to extend their learning Monday thru Thursday every week from 3:05 until 4:30 PM. Students are able to participate in athletics, or sign-up for six week sessions that runs throughout the year. Our extended day program is run through The Afterschool Program (TAP). A few of the enrichment opportunities that students can participate in are:

    *Manga Club     *Truck Farm     *Real Talk

    *Yearbook    *HIV/AIDS Awareness     *Omaha Public Library

    *Nebraska Wildlife Rehab     *Why Arts?     *Rose Theatre

    *Omaha Community Playhouse     *Partnership 4 Kids     *Girl Scouts

    *Chess Club     *African American History Challenge     *Athletics

    *Tae Kwon Do     *Walking Club     *Running Club

    *Healthy Lifestyles     *PAR Core     *Ultimate Club

    *This is a not an all inclusive list of enrichment opportunities.

    Extended Year

    Students are required to attend the June term. During the three weeks of the June term, students are provided with an enriched learning experience by learning through an interdisciplinary unit focused on our community and is sparked by taking a historical tour of Omaha. In addition, students participate in Footsteps through June to develop their leadership, technology, and communication capacity by working as teams for causes within the community and the world.


  • Students have an opportunity to participate in the Focus Program over the course of ten years, although students may enter into the program at different points.

    The program starts at Wilson Focus Program, for grades three to six. Students transition to Lewis and Clark Middle School for grades seven and eight. From Lewis and Clark Middle School, students have a guaranteed spot at the Burke High School Focus Program.

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