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Interactive Instruction: Constitution on the Web

Prepared by Mrs. Tina Buda

Literature Resources

Shh!  We're Writing the Constitution by Jean Fritz
The Constitution by Paul Finkelman

Harrison Bergeron
by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Online Resources
Fun and Games about Government
Y ONE: History of The Constitution
The Constitution was signed on September 17th, in 1787.  The men who signed this document are known as the  Framers.  These men met in Philadelphia to write the Constitution.  These men worked for four months during the summer. The Constitution is a living document and is divided into three sections.  The three sections are the preamble, articles, and ammendments.

What is the Constitution?  Let's visit this website so we can answer this question.

Why was The Constitution written?  Let's listen to the song and read the lyrics together. 
  Schoolhouse Rocks  No More Kings Lyrics


How old is the Constitution?  Click here to see pictures of the  Constitution.

Learn about the Constitution from Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Who was The Constitution written for?  The Constitution was written for you and me.

Watch the online video CREATING THE CONSTITUTION.

Go to ReadWriteThink and use their online webbing tool to outline what you YOU HAVE LEARNED about the Constitution.  Your first webbing circle should say The Constitution.  Connect additional webbing circles to show what you have learned today.  When you are done, print your webbing map.

DAY TWO:  Preamble   
The Preamble is the first section of The Constitution.  It explains the purpose of The Constitution and what this living document does for us.


Let's begin by watching Barney Fife try to recite the preamble. 

WE THE PEOPLE are the first words of the Preamble.  Visit the Interactive Constitution to learn why these words are so important. 

  listen to the song and read the lyrics to  SCHOOLHOUSE PREAMBLE


Complete The Preamble Scramble:  Someone has gone and scrambled the Preamble.  They are going to need your help so they can put it back together.

Find out from your teacher what section of the Preamble you will use for this activity. Type your assigned Preamble section at the top of your computer and illustrate your understanding using a painting/drawing program and print.

1.  We the People 2.  of the United States, 3. in Order to form a more perfect Union, 4.  establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, 5.  do ordain and establish 6.  this Constitution for the United States of America.

Day Three: 
Articles The 7 articles of The Constitution create a structured government

There are 7 articles of The Constitution and they are the legislative branch, the executive branch, the judicial branch, the states, amendment, debst oaths supremacy, and ratification.   We will focus on the the three branches of government.


When the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution they created three branches of government so that there would be a checks and balances system.  These three branches are the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch.  (Visual aide showing Branches of government)

listen to the song and read the lyrics to Three Ring Government


Students will complete a jigsaw activity.  Students will work in teams of two and three and will be assigned one branch of government.  Students will complete the activity for their branch and report back to the group. 

Legislative Branch (Article One of the Constitution) The Legislative Branch makes the law.  Legislature  is called Congress.  Congress is actually split into two different parts;  House of Representatives and the Senate.
Learn all about the Legislative Branch and use the online review to find out what  you have learned.

Executive Branch (Article Two of the Constitution)  The Exectutive Branch includes the President and Vice President.  It also includes the secretaries of all the departments.  The job of the Executive Branch is it make sure the law is followed.
Learn all about the Executive Branch and use the online review to find out what you have learned.


Judicial Branch (Article Three of the Constitution)  The Judicial Branch includes the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court.   The job of the Judicial Branch is to interpret what the law means.
Learn all about the Judicial Branch and use the online review to find out what you have learned.


Ammendments What is an amendment?  What is the Bill of Rights?

  The Constitution can be changed!  If there is a change, it's called an amendment.  The first 10 ammendments that were made to the constitution are called the Bill of Rights.
Read the  Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights PowerPoint Presentation

Let's see if you can apply your Bill of Rights knowledge to answer these questions!  Bill of Rights Matching Game

Video review What is The Constitution


Constitution PowerPoint Game

Read the project choices below and decide on the project that you would like to do.

Complete extra activities located below the choice board.

Elective Project Presentation: All students will comple Preamble Rapper activity.  Students will also select an additional project of their choice.


Choice Board
Preamble Rappers
All students

All students wil recite the Preamble in a rap format.  Pictures wil be displayed at appropriate times and hand held flags will be used for specialized movement.  We will do this as a class!


A Delegate's Diary
Two or Three Students

Pretend you are a delegate at the Constitutional Convention and write 10 diary entries that show what it might have been like.  Students will tape themselves using PhotoBooth and a green screen.  Think about possilbe props that could be used to make your video authentic.

Delegates to the Constituion

Signers of the Constitution

Get to the Point
Two Students

Create a minimum of three slides using PowerPoint to share what you have learned during this elective. Think about what you have learned and what you could share with others.


Reader's Choice

Read:  Shh!  We're Writing the Constitution by Jean Fritz  and write a Top 10 List  that includes interesting information about the Constitution.

Student Choice
Check with your teacher
first for approval

Bill of Rights Power Point


Research Wizard
Two Students

Research the 19th ammendment and write an explanation of why this ammendment was important.  Has the ammendment made a difference for women in today's World?   Is this ammendment important to you?  Explain..

Tree of Presidents Craft
Visit  Enchanted Learning for specific instructions.  The Presidents of the US are represented by the leaves on the tree.
My America
Read My America selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins and write a poem about why our country is special to you.


Not all legislative business takes place in the Capitol.  Let's go on a Virtual Field Trip to learn more about the Capitol Complex.

How does a bill become a law?

Take a Historical Tour of the White House.  Click on a room and then click on GO to listen to the President talk about the different rooms!

The official National Computer has crashed.  Help us find the lost amendments by playing this Interactive Game

Build your own BILL

Schoolhouse Rock I'm Just A Bill


Learn about the history of the Constitution and use the online review to see what you have learned.

Celebrate the Constitution Game at Scholastic

Schoolhouse Rock Video Preamble


Kids in the House