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Culture Cards

Welcome to the Elements of Culture Home.

My students have a hard time understanding the elements that make up existing cultures.  With this site there is a way they can understand what life is like in another culture in another part of the world. 

So fill out a Culture Card and share an element of your culture.  Write a short story (2 to 3 paragraphs at the most)to tell us a little more about you and your culture. 

Please see the login instructions and video to submit your Culture Card! 


Mr. P

 First Copy and Paste these categories and fill them out.





Culture Group:


Story of Element: 


Then hit:     create article below, then paste the above blue categories with your response to the body of the module.  I will approve the content and upload it.

This will be a wonderful resource for all across the district.  Then, later on, as we fill up the elements we will add a map module and you can sort the elements by country. We will also then start to discuss how the elements of culture are changed by the factors that influence them.

Example Culture Cards

Example 1

Name: Mr P

Nation: Japan

Culture Group: Japanese

Element: Recreation

Story of Element: U.S. Soldiers stationed in Japan after World War II played baseball as a recreation.  The Japanese people started playing and turned it into a past time of their own.  Japanese Professional Baseball is much different than the American version.  In the Japanese version, to name a few differences, the games have a set time limit and also when a pitcher hits a player on accident he tips his hat to appologize for his lack of accuracy.

Input Culture Cards



NO Image:
Name: Akoy A Nation: Sudan Culture Group: Sudanesse Element: Religion Story of Element: Many people in Africa are usually believe in be...

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Name: Marjus G Nation: Albania Culture Group: Albanian, Muslim, Turkish Element: Religion Story of Element: The Turkish invaded Alb...

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