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What is SciTech?

Block 1/2B Final Exam
Block 3/4B Final Exam 

When finished, you may learn something at the following sites:
Intro to Programming

Sometimes called Tech & Living or Industrial Tech in other schools,
the SciTech Center is a lab specifically designed for science and technology students at King. Learning areas have been designed in the areas of Industrial Technology, Science and Family and Consumer Science. Students will be assigned modules to study from a list of their interests. 
Students will study in these interactive learning areas called modules. Each module rotation will last seven 40-minute sessions plus a menu of projects offered during session #8. To pass the class, students must be actively engaged during all lab sessions. The seven sessions include a module pre-test, research questions, performance assessments on several occasions, and a post test at the end of each rotation. Research questions require students to research answers using available books. Application and Challenge questions require students to first work out math problems on paper and then to use a calculator. Fun interactive activities include computer-work and hands-on activities which simulate a real working environment.
Just as at a job, attendance is very important. Since most of the work is done on the lab computers, students will need to make up missed work outside of class-time. Mrs. Rodriguez will be available most days before school (7:00) and on Wednesdays after school until 4:30 to assist students who are having problems during class or are behind on their work.
Mrs. Rodriguez Expects each SciTech Student will:
be responsible for and will inventory assigned materials at the beginning and end of class.
not cause problems for themselves or anyone else.
Mrs. Rodriguez uses a Love & Logic approach to discipline because she cares for all students and understands that each person is unique. The SciTech lab uses the Personal Steps system for behavior modification relating to repeated issues. This is a documentation process so that the teacher and students can remember and find improvements for any repeating issues.
Advice- Written Warning (need only be given one time a quarter)
Step 1- Behavior Modification Form
Step 2- Behavior Modification Form & Parent Contact
Step 3- Behavior Modification Form, Detention & Parent Contact
Step 4- Office Referral
***Behaviors in violation of the Student Code of Conduct will be subject to consequences according to the Handbook
Mrs. Rodriguez Expects each SciTech Parent will:
read and sign all forms sent home.
ask their child often about the interesting things they are doing in SciTech.
contact Mrs. Rodriguez if they have any questions or concerns.
Students Expect the SciTech Teacher will:
respect and care about all students.
will treat each child as the unique individual they are.
educate all those who wish to learn.
be available to assist students daily before school, after school every Wednesday and other days by appointment for students in need lab time or teacher assistance.
listen to concerns from students.
Course Syllabus
Please review the rubrics used to grade Modules and other work done in this class by clicking on the douments in the section below.



Teacher email                                    
SciTech Lab phone number                        557-3739

Our Lab has it's own personality, but for more information on Synergistic Systems, please visit the Synergistic-Systems site at



Contact the Teacher

Rhonda Rodriguez

King SciTech Lab Room 162/164
King Science and Technology Magnet
Omaha Public Schools

Phone 402-557-3739



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