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Screenshot 03:32 What are you doing after graduation? Benson seniors discuss where they are heading after high school. 195 views
Screenshot 02:04 What do you think about Valentine's Day? Students and teachers talk about how they feel about the holiday of love. 156 views
Screenshot 01:33 Sports CSN Promo 108 views
Screenshot 02:55 What was your favorite TV show? Students of Benson High talk about what cartoon shows they enjoyed growing up. 102 views
Screenshot 03:16 What Makes You Happy? Students and teachers of Benson High discuss what makes them happy. 89 views
Screenshot 02:41 What do YOU want for Christmas? Students and staff share their holiday wishes. 115 views
Screenshot 01:54 Students share opinions of the Twilight Saga 117 views
Screenshot 04:34 Regrets Students and teachers discuss their life's regrets. 197 views
Screenshot 03:44 Get to know the staff of the BHS News 107 views
Screenshot 04:15 Favorite Teachers? Students discuss what makes Benson teacher's great. 174 views
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