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It’s your sweet sixteen, finally. After sixteen long years of being held hostage in the backseat of your mom’s minivan you finally have the freedom to get behind the wheel. Getting your license is the key to independence but the opportunity does not come to all. Some don’t get the chance to experience what it’s like to get behind the wheel for different reasons.
            “I don’t know how to drive, which is why I don’t have my license. It makes me mad and I feel like a loser because I should already be driving,” said junior Nyayiey Kuon.
            Not being able to drive really frustrates some, who feel like not having a license really restricts them from doing what they want.
“I feel irritated from not having my license. I really can’t do anything and I feel like I have no freedom like I should,” said junior Jaelynn Au.
Teenagers long for their freedom and not having a license really puts a damper in that. Other than not being able to know how to drive or not having the freedom it really affects your social life.
            “It sucks so bad not having a car. I always have to depend on parents, which is hard to do. Sometimes I want to leave an event early, but I can't because my ride isn't ready or vice versa. Overall, it slows you up because you have to wait on others instead of doing things right when you want to,” said junior Brooklyn Johnson.
            Some say your sweet sixteen and teenage years are the best times of your life, but when you are relying on your parents, holding the leash to your freedom, how enjoyable can it be?
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