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Area and Perimeter

Playground Math - Design a Party

You are given the area and perimeter of several objects to place in the party grid. You adjust the size and location of the objects by dragging the corners.

Math Playground – Finding the Area and Perimeter of Rectangles

This game features cartoon characters named Amy and Ben who discuss how to build a fence in the backyard. The storyline will engage children and introduce math in a context they can understand.

Fact Monster – Baseball Geometry

Various rectangles are displayed and students must choose the correct area. They are given 3 ball to hit for each correct answer.

Fact Monster – Basketball Geometry

Cybercase – Airline Builder

The 'Airlines Builder' game asks kids to create solid shapes out of line segments. In each round, players must make a new shape. This game can help kids sharpen their eyes for geometry by forcing them to think creatively about shapes and angles.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Perimeter and Area

There are three levels and 3 questions for each level. Very simple.

Shodor Interactive – Shape Explorer

A little more complicated, but very good activity. It allows users to practice calculating perimeter and area for irregular shapes.

Coolmath – The Properties of a Parallelogram

Definitions and formulas are given for the perimeter and area of a parallelogram.



Playground Math

Various videos including Area and Perimeter that shows how various arrangements can have the same area, but a different perimeter.

There are also videos on finding the area of a triangle, trapezoid, various trapezoids, and circles.