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Nebraska State Assessment

If you would like to practice using the program of the NeSA, you can take your practice test online.  You do have to download the program.  Click here to practice. 


Make sure you:

Get at least 8 hours of sleep

Eat your breakfast


Study study study

Answer all questions

Take your time

Do your best!


Our goal is to raise our grade more than 5%!  So be ready! :)


Reading Practice


The best thing you can do to practice for the NeSA-R is to READ! :) 

If you desire to practice even more (which is awesome), here are a few websites to check out:

Reading Test

 Reading Test


Wacky Tales

Reading Test

Some Key Terms in Reading

Author's Purpose

Main Idea


Figurative Language Game

6th grade Skills tested

Affix Study

Foreign Words in English

Part of Speech Practice


Math Practice


Remember, practice makes perfect!  So make sure you are practicing math, espeicailly with the areas you still struggle in! 

Below are some websites that can help you practice.  Remember, you can always check out my math page as well!  I have plenty of links and explainations on there too!

Math Facts

Texas Practice Math Test

Mini Test

Prep Dog


Primary Editor (K-2):

Lucie Ripley:

402-491-0859 or email


Intermediate Editor (3-5):

Kathy Busboom:

402-491-0859 or email