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Magnet Program

Magnet School Selection

2014-15 school year admission to Elementary Magnet Program

Students were notified by mail in February, 2013, regarding the status of their application. Students were selected by a lottery process and students not chosen by the lottery process were placed in an applicant waiting pool.  Please call the Student Placement Office at 402- 557-2710, if you have any questions.

The purpose of the lottery is to provide an equitable opportunity for all students seeking to enroll in magnet schools. If there are more applications than there are seats for the respective magnet school, a lottery selection process will be used to ensure a fair assignment of students. Eligible students who submit an application by the deadline will qualify for the lottery selection.

Once a student is admitted to a magnet school program, he or she is expected to remain at that magnet school until reaching the highest grade level offered at that school. Students do not have to reapply for admission into a magnet school once they have been excepted.


Any student is eligible to submit an application for a magnet school. Priority is given in the lottery for students who bring socioeconomic diversity to the magnet school. The application requests self reporting of students' participation or non-participation in the free or reduced lunch program.

Magnet Program Pathway